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Upload your model to our online estimator to see how much your print cost. Please refer to product description for full detail.

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The online estimator is quite accurate for the print of your model as provided.

This is a print estimate only, does not include shipping.

3D Printing and object comprises of a variety of factors, therefore when you submit a request:

We review the model to determine printability –¬†i.e. walls to thin, is it to small or to large to print, will it require increased support structures, clean up, free of geometry issues.

Once your model is reviewed (within 24 hours of estimate request) we will reply with the final quote plus shipping. This final quote in most cases will be an exact match to the estimate or marginally higher or lower.

Concerned about the potential cost of your print? Ask for an estimate we are happy to talk about your print, provide guidance and means to keep your cost to minimal while getting the best quality print for your needs.

Still not sure use our “Contact Us” page for any questions.

Additional information about 3D printing, the typical¬†process, check out our “Printing Process” page.


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